Top 2 Winter Trends

Monochromatic Red

A current trend that is taking place this fall and is sure to be present in the upcoming colder months is monochromatically wearing the color red. Wearing red head to toe easily creates a bold statement and effortlessly makes women appear confident and powerful, as they should. Although wearing monochromatic outfits may seem to be repetitive and overly-matchy, it is a perfect opportunity for women to combine different textures to add a different dimension to their all red outfits. For example, you can wear red leather over the knee boots with a flouncy red polyester skirt, and pair it with a sheer red blouse and a textured furry red jacket. Taking the few extra steps to spice up an already funky monochromatic red outfit by mixing textures and adding in accessories will wow anybody that has the pleasure to grace your presence on your daring day. When you choose to wear exclusively red in an outfit, you are expressing power, strength, passion and determination. The effervescent and prominent color can captivate the eye, making any venturesome woman that chooses to take advantage of this craze feel sensational, poised, and stunning.

Gray Checked Suit

Checked suits have always been present, especially for men. Since the corporate world began and men started wearing suits to work, the classic check print was around. With women, checked suits became popular in the 60s as they began to join the workforce. The difference between checked suits in history and the current trend now is the silhouette. It is so common for designers to take an old, outdated, and almost ugly garment, and then transform it to something that looks high fashion. It is common for designers to play with the focus of the women - whether it is their shoulders, waist, or chest. With grey checked suits, the possibilities to pair this trend with are endless. You can stand out and wear this minimalistic suit with hot pink accessories, or look chic and sophisticated pairing it with black pieces. Women feel confident and powerful wearing suits, which is why this trend is re-appearing. Not much preparation goes into wearing this trend, since all you have to do is choose what accessories you want to wear with it - if you want to wear them. As people’s lives get busier and more hectic, saving time on getting dressed by not having to figure out what pants or blouse to wear is crucial. Slipping on trousers with the matching blazer effortlessly makes a woman look put together. If you’re daring to follow this trend, come to OKW Boutique to purchase a suit that’s fit perfectly to your body!

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