How to be Comfortable when Dressing Up

So many people these days are shying away from dressing up every morning and going off on their day. Ever since the trend of "athleisure" took off, people's biggest focus when it comes to clothing is being comfortable. Although it's important to be comfortable in clothing you wear all day, wearing sweats and leggings, and looking dull and bummish takes the excitement and joy out of fashion. As I dream of days in which looking expensive and over-the-top is on trend, I accumulated a couple of tips on how to look put together, yet still remain comfortable. 

  • Wear soft, loose dresses. Wearing velvet or an oversize sweater dress are perfect ways to look chic but still remain cozy. Almost feeling like a large t-shirt, loose dresses can cut minutes out of your "getting dressed" time in the morning, since you can literally just throw it on. There's tons of space inside, so there's no need to worry about being uncomfortable after eating a big meal, and you never get that feeling of wanting to unbutton your pants at the dinner table!
  • Replace sweatpants with trousers. Trousers are no longer meant for middle aged business professionals. With numerous fits and made from tons of different fabrics, trousers scream "sophisticated." In the summer, you can wear a nice pair of breathable silk or polyester culottes or wide leg pants, with a nice halter top and sandals. During the colder months, aim for some pants with wool in them, that guarantees you won't get a chill on your legs. 
  • Ditch sneakers and go for a formal flat shoe. Wonder what to wear with your trousers and flowy dresses? Just because a style is more to the formal side, does not mean that you have to wear heels! Over-the-knee boots are perfect for the fall, whether you get them in suede or leather. The high boots elongate your legs without having to add a heel, and look great with a shorter dress and tights. On spring days, oxfords and loafers look fantastic with practically anything, and can offer great support if you find the right shoe. 
Looking fashionable definitely doesn't mean that you have to be uncomfortable. By making just a few simple wardrobe switches, your look can completely change - and with that can come more energy, confidence, and motivation.

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