The Perfect Blouse for Every Body

 Blouses can be worn in many ways. They can be worn instead of a jacket over a tank or another type of base piece.  Additionally, a blouse can be worn as an accent piece and can come in many different types of fabrics. Many people have don’t completely understand the difference between a blouse and a shirt, so here are some simple guidelines. A shirt is generally more androgynous, more tailored.  Blouses tend to add more femininity with beautiful collars, ruffles, cut-outs, close-to-the-body fit dots and style lines.

While you can’t expect that one blouse would fit every woman well, there are some key features that are an asset to any body type.  For instance, a V-neck looks great on all body types, and the ideal length for all women is four inches below the waist, six inches if you plan to keep your shirt tucked into your skirt or trousers. An empire waist is also perfect for every body type. A blouse with a surplice fit also fits all body types, especially those with a large chest.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re buying blouses. There are different aspects of fit you can look for based on how you see your own body:

Small busted

If you are a person with a smaller chest, you can help to create the illusion of a more balanced figure by choosing blouses that have beading, ruching, or ruffles where other people would have a little more lift.  Small bust allows for additional details.  

Full figured

Women with a full figured body type can benefit from an open neck, especially a U-neck or boatneck. More tailored blouses with a lapel in the collar, and one or two buttons not going all the way up to the neck are also great for this body type. Soft belting can help create a waist, and it is important to make sure not to wear your blouse too big. Flowy is okay, but it should fit perfectly in the arm and shoulder, and be the correct sleeve length.


For a slightly more square more square body type, ties and bows can be used to create a waist. Ruching at the top of the blouse helps to enhance the bust. Scoop neck also helps to distract from a straighter midsection.

Large Bust

Any larger busted women know the struggle of finding a top that accents the fact that you’re well-endowed without making you look big. You could choose a drop neck with a tie, or a cowl neck, while avoiding sleeves that end at the same height as bust.  This makes you look broad all the way across, which is usually not what we are going for. Try to go for a slightly looser fit, and remember, surplice fit is a full busted girl’s best friend.

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